Panel houses

Panel houses are a new generation technology for modern people, which, due to its advantages, is used in the Scandinavian countries, changing the usual construction of houses in modern Western countries and rapidly gaining popularity in Lithuania. 

You no longer need to wait great amounts of time for your dream house to be constructed – after the approval of a standard size project, the production of panel house elements usually takes approximately 4 weeks, and the assembly of such elements after the preparation of the land plot and foundation – takes only approximately a dozen days, since modern manufacturing technologies are in use. This allows us to not only accurately schedule the construction work, but also to reduce the cost of construction materials. 

It is the precise time and cost planning, that allows you to save money and distribute your costs more effectively and efficiently when creating your modern and eco-friendly home.

The main advantages of panel houses


Prefabricated panel houses are a dozen times less permeable by air. Reduced humidity, sound vibration, and dust penetration ensure durability and longevity of construction.


The prefabricated house production process is almost not affected by weather conditions, and the use of modern technologies ensures efficiency and speed.


Modern factory technology allows the construction process to be planned precisely in terms of cost and time. This reduces the use of building materials and manpower to the minimum necessary, and subsequently the tightness of the home and high thermal resistance also significantly reduces heating bills.


The process of construction of panel houses is much more efficient due to the time, accurate use of building materials and planning capabilities. This not only significantly reduces costs but also contributes to nature conservation.

Structure of panel houses

We produce prefabricated house elements from high quality specially prepared wood, which is cut according to individual design. Subsequent production of house elements varies depending on the purpose – due to the different effects of temperature, humidity, sound on the interior and exterior walls and roof of the house, the materials are manufactured with different materials ensuring quality and durability, resistant to changing weather conditions, sound and vibration. Exterior wall finishes are available on request or as standard siding.