About us

For 16 years we have been designing, manufacturing and constructing panel houses for Scandinavian, German, Ukrainian clients and we are currently expanding our activities in Lithuania with increasing speed.

Our professional and qualified team of specialists will ensure the provision of services only of the highest quality, regardless of the size or complexity of the project. As we accumulate experience with clients from different European countries, we understand that the vision of each client is different, so in order to understand your needs to the smallest detail, we place special emphasis on close cooperation and thoroughness.

By combining experience, professionalism, quality, understanding and application of the modern need for cost-effective, eco-friendly, fast and sustainable solutions, we are proud to contribute to the successful realization of our clients’ dream houses for many, many years.

To ensure the smooth running of our works, the entire house project implementation process is carried out by the same team of professional and experienced specialists who:


Once the project has been approved, we use the most up-to-date equipment to prepare the house panels within a few weeks.


We deliver panel elements to any place in Lithuania or abroad.


We assemble the panel elements of the house within 3-4 business days and prepare the house for further design and installation works.